Friday, 21 September 2012

The First Two Weeks.

     Hey people :)

      We've been back about two weeks although it feels like two days. But I guess time flies when your having fun. Our first week was great craic. We had our first Wednesday of no classes. It wasn't an unproductive day though, We had three workshops to help us learn. The first was positive parties, This was great (not just because there were sweets) we learned how to keep ourselves positive even in bad situations. We had to put ourselves in situations that we wouldn't usually be in so Denise(the woman who was doing it) gave us a pair of (unworn) underwear and in groups we had to find as many nontraditional  ways to wear them as possible. It was great fun and she thought us how to channel positive energy from a happy moment in our lives to when were feeling nervous or sad. The second was an etiquette workshop with Brenda and Kate in this we learned our body shape and our facial shapes. We also learned about personal hygiene (not that anyone needed to learn about it). Although we did end up running out of time on that one. Our final workshop was one on social development with Austen. This one was great we learned how to work as a team and how to communicate and listen with others. After this we all went home with grins on our faces it was great. Then after the next two days of classes freedom arrived and then we were faced with an even bigger epidemic it was the week of Junior Cert Results don don don. We must all come in on Wednesday and face the music.

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