Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Carlingford's Adventure

This week we returned from tired wrecked but delighted with our adventure. Carlingford was amazing. We were to be at Esso at ten to seven. Bit early but it was nice to know we were going somewhere for two days of fun and adventure.
We boarded the bus with some hopes of sleep but all those hopes were forgotten as the energy on the bus was buzzing everyone was delighted. We arrived in Carlingford at around nine o'clock and after a regestration and putting our stuff away we were straight into the activities.
Our first activity was laser combat with Chris and Andy. After we were split into groups (go red team!!) the rules were then explained to us and we got stuck in. It was great fun although some competitive streaks came out in Teddy domination ang King of the Hill.
After this we returned back down a really big hill and lunch was ready and we were ready for lunch. We returned from lunch full and rearing to go. We were then taken down to the harbour for a spot of kayaking. I got into the boat with my partner and we were'nt quite as a good as expected as about halfway through our boat capsised and with an unable to swim partner we were slightly stuck. But we made it in the end and when returning to the beach we became much better at kayaking.
Then we returned for dinner it was starting to get dark and rainy but we still had to go out for one more activity: The Night Line. Basically we had to walk through the pitch dark forest with blindfolds on and holding on to a thin rope calling out to the people behind us if there was anything in front, calling out I'm a spoon if you lose the person in front of you. It was a huge trust excercise and was a lot more fun than it sounds.
We returned to the centre cold and some slightly hungry we went to the chipper and were in our rooms and tucked up in bed by the elleven curfew............. Just kidding :).
The next day we were awoken at seven and some were not overjoyed no names. We went down to breakfast and our first activity was high ropes and zorbing. We went to the zorbing first where your strapped into a giant rubber hamster ball and you get pushed down the hill it was amazing and a great way to start the day. The next thing we did was high ropes where you had to climb to the top of a thirty foot pole and stand an a square shaped box on top and get three other people up there with you its really really scary.
Our last activity was challanges. We had to work as a team to complete these challanges and collect gems and whichever team at the end had the most gems won. Great fun getting to know all the others on our team.
Sadly this was our last activity at Carlingford and we were all very dissapointed that it was over and didnt want to leave but we had maybe one day we'll get to go back......maybe.

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