Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Work Experience 1 and 2

Hey People :)
        My first day of work experience was a busy one. There was to be a surgery on a horse that had fractured her leg. So we had to prepare the surgery room and clean it out. Unfortunately as it was my first I was not allowed to sit in and watch the surgery. Instead I cleaned and mucked out stables which was fairly fun in itself.
The day flew by and before I knew it was lunch time and I had a packed lunch so it was fine . We got an hour for lunch time. Then we were back to work and I had to clean out the preparation room as the horse had been moved. I power hosed the room down and cleaned out the drains.
Then it was time for treatments. I accompanied the head nurse on her rounds to the horses. I had to put on the head strap and hold the horse while she gave the horse its medicine.
Then it was home time. I was happy with my first day it was great and I couldn't wait for next week.

The next week was considerably slower. I arrived just on time to go on the morning treatments with the head nurse. The day moved slowly however I sorted all the jackets for the horses, mucked out all the stables, I swept the barn and cleaned the x-ray machine. The day flew by again and before I knew it,  treatment time was happening again. I got to check the horses heartbeat and listened to its gut. Then we were let to go home early it was a good day. :)

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