Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Hey people
         We're finally starting to relax into our TY year and are getting stuck into the projects that we are being given. Our first one is Junk Koture this is where you make a dress out of recyclable materials. Me and my partner are making our dress out of  sports materials eg footballs, Gaelic footballs, basketballs and rugby balls. Our project is going very well indeed and we have the skirt paper mached and we are currently in  the process of sewing the top together.
                    Our next project is a geography project in which we have each been given a county to research and to do a project on. I have been given county Down.
               In Technology we are making a clock which is going quite well I have just finished the actual clock and am now working on getting the piece for the middle of the clock now.
     I'm looking forward to work experience tomorrow as I missed last week and I cant wait for Halloween next week.
    Bye people...................

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