Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Halloween Dress up Day.

Hey People,

The day was Friday the twenty sixth of October and the place was St Wolstan's Community school and there were zombies everywhere.................... Not real zombies obviously it's the entire TY year group with face paint adorning their faces and ripped clothes. The theme we had been given was zombies and it was portrayed around the school fairly well. The class representative from a class Cairdeas was Emma who did Cairdeas proud however did not win over zombies bride :(.

 We however were not the only ones dressed up as First Years were Scary Witches, Second Years became Crazy Pirates, Third Years swapped their everyday selves for Villains and Super Hero's as you know Transition Years became zombies, Fifth Years transformed into scary clowns and Sixth Years got their acceptance letters to the magical world of Harry Potter.

It was a great day full of laughter and good fun as the school participated in a good dress up day and enjoyed the lively spirit that came with it.


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