Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Week of Projects

Hey People,

The purpose of TY is to learn group work and we are doing a lot of group work. The week was action packed. First were still doing Junk Koture. We have had some progress with this and we are still sewing the footballs to the top and  now we have started the design on the front of the skirt and we may need to hurry up as we only have two weeks to finish our product.

We also have done the F1 in schools project for our technology class, in this we did a design for a formula one car and we did a logo for our team. We had to design and plan for if we got into the competition and explain what we would do to make our car go faster.

In History we are doing a project on the Berlin Blockade in the Cold War. We must present this project to the current third years to aid them in their revision for the Junior Cert.

In Geography we are doing an around the world trip focusing on two first world countries, two second world       countries and two third world countries. My two are Cuba and Australia we must learn about aspects in the countries every day life.

In French we are sending letters to French students our age and are getting pen pals to help us improve our French Language writing.

In English we are doing film studies we are watching the Italian film Il Postina which focuses on the friendship between the main character Mario and esteemed poet Pablo Neruda.

In Religion we are doing a project on a person who has overcome extreme poverty to become a great philanthropist and has made some money doing something that helped them.

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