Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Mini Company Workshop

Hey peoples,

                 Last Friday, the thirtieth of November 2012, St Wolstan's Transition Years went to a conference in White Water Shopping Centre in Nass. In this we spoke about marketing our products and we informed the other students from both our school and other schools in Kildare. Our Mini Company is Cray8 Colour. In this we recycle the old unusable crayons at the end of the crayon box and we melt them down, in the oven or microwave and then we pour the melted crayons into moulds and then we wait for them to harden by leaving them outside or in the fridge for ten or fifteen minutes. Then we sell them in school for 50 cents to a euro. 
At the mini company talk we also discussed the best way to write our business report. We learned how many marks we would get for each part of our report. Then we watched a short video on the types of personality in business: passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive and assertive.

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