Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Junk Koture Fashion Show

     Hey People,

Yesterday was our Junk Koture fashion show. Our junk Koture was a dress with footballs, basketballs, rugby balls and Gaelic balls. The skirt part of our dress was made from the hexagonal shapes in the footballs as we tried to give the effect of a quilt. The back of our top contained more hexagonal shapes that we fixed the morning before our fashion show.

The front of our top contained sewn on pieces of basketball and Gaelic balls that took a very long time to sew onto the top and cut to the right shape to fit. The idea of our dress took a very long time to come up with as idea's got changed quite often .

On the day we had a little bit of a disaster as the entire back of our dress fell apart, however with some glue and a couple of almost panic attacks later our dress was complete, however when our model, Emma, tried on the dress the back started to fall off but with a few handy idea's and quick fingers later our dress looked grand and so the show was to go on.

We made it to the fashion show and we were the eight people on the catwalk. l. The walk down the catwalk went well and the judges seemed to like it and none of the footballs fell off!!!!! Wooo

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