Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A New Year..................

Heyy people,      
                Happy New Year!!!!!! With a new year comes a new course of school projects and even though we've only been back a few days we've already been set to work on projects :)

   In Geography we are still doing our round the world trip in which we have to learn about two first world countries, two second world countries and two third world countries. My Countries are India and Cuba to learn about.

In History we are learning about the reformation. Today we were set a project on religious reformers, I have been given John Calvin and we also have to do a profile on the religious reformer Martin Luther.

In Religion we are supposed to research an area of ongoing conflict and to a project to learn about the life in that country.

In our Art class we are creating portraits of celebrities and putting them into black and white and using the tape inside a cassette tape to outline the dark pieces on the picture.

In TY Design we are making a teddy bear out of fabric. We are currently in the process of cutting out the shapes we need to put our teddy together.

This week in Home Ec we are making chocolate and strawberry cheese cake with the base of our cheesecake being made from chocolate chip cookies.

In French class we have been given a French pen pal who we must write letters to every couple of weeks. They are from Nancy in the north of France.

In Mini Company we are currently preparing our business report for the competition to submit to the judges so they can learn about our business and our ideas.

In Science we are currently working on our Sci-fest project which is due for the 1st of March.

                            Shannon :)

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