Tuesday, 29 January 2013

TY Days

Hey people,
                 This week has been a busy one for us Transition Years, even busier than usual. Firstly this week we had our Mini Company presentation day yesterday on Monday twenty first of January. Two judges came to our school to see our projects and listen to us talk about our different sectors of the project. Just to help you keep up our mini company is Cray8 Colour we recycle old unusable crayons and produce them into new colours, shapes and sizes. We after all the judging was finished our mini company won best business report in our class and we will find out the finalists sometime next week.

In Religion we are still doing an area of conflict in the world, me and my partner have chosen to do the Mexican Drug War. This will help us to learn about an area of conflict that we were unaware of previously, before we embarked on this project.

In Art we are still doing our cassette tape portraits. We have drawn out our pictures of the chosen celebrities and today we are starting to stick down the tape from the cassette tape onto our pictures.

In History we are learning about the reformation. Today we were set a project on religious reformers, John Calvin and Martin Luther we must research them and do a presentation on them.

In Geography I am doing a project on Cuba, we must learn about  the aspects of their culture, places to visit whilst there and other things about Cuba.              

In TY design we are currently making a teddy bear from fabric. We have cut out all our pieces and must sew them together and we are currently taking our arms and legs and will start machine sewing next week. We have also decided on names for our bears. 

In Home Economics we are cooking every week. This week we have made profiteroles. They were delicious and we did it quite well in a short space of time. Next week we are making chicken risotto.

In Science we are working on our Scifest projects and mine is Is Public Transport as Clean as You Think. I am looking forward to carrying out our experiment for the competition.


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