Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Another Week.....

Hey People,
So we've had another busy week what with our projects and what not. Last Friday was St Bridget's Day and as she is the patron saint of our county we celebrated by making a St Bridget's cross.

In Religion we are still doing an area of conflict in the world, my partner and I have chosen to do the Mexican Drug War. This will help us to learn about an area of in the world that I did not know actually was in conflict. 

In Art we are still doing our cassette tape portraits. We have drawn out our pictures of the chosen celebrities and are sticking down the tape from the cassette tape onto our pictures. This is a lot more time consuming then I previously thought.

In History we are learning about the reformation. We have been given John Calvin and Martin Luther to research and do a project on them.

In Geography I am doing a project on Cuba, we must learn about  the aspects of their culture, places to visit whilst there and other things about Cuba.              

In TY design we are currently making a teddy bear from fabric. We have cut out all our pieces and tacked them together and we have started machine sewing today. . 

In Home Economics we are cooking every week. This week we have made risotto. It was nice however we put in a little bit too much rice. Next week we are making Chili Con Carne.

In Science we are working on our Scifest projects and mine is Is Public Transport as Clean as You Think. We have done our experiment for the competition and are now focusing on finishing the poster and report book.


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