Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Another TY Week

Hey people :) ..........

              So we TY's have been having another fun filled week. So I feel like I haven't updated you guys on my days in a long time however . . . . I'm back. So starting with two weeks ago we had our Scifest at School sadly our project was not one of the ones that was Short-listed. . . :(  but a massive congratulations to all the girls who did. However according to the judges the standard in our school was quite high. When they finished up we had to explain to second and third years what our project was about however a lot of them seemed a little disgusted when we told them about the project.

Then last Thursday we attended a talk in Trinity College Dublin by Intel. This talk was all about careers in Science and Technology for girls. The talk was fascinating we learned about what sciences we should take if we wanted to work for Intel. We also saw a clip for a new movie called Girl Rising which is about education in third world countries for girls. We also got lunch which was quite nice of them and the sandwiches were delicious.

Then yesterday we had another career talk this time on engineering for girls. We learned all about Masdar City and how it is revolutionary and the first of it's kind. This was highly interesting, also we learned that most of the jobs in the future will be in some kind engineering. This will be highly useful for when were doing our leaving certs and picking our colleges.

   BYE people  :D

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