Tuesday, 19 March 2013

TY Week :)

Hey people :)
                   We've a slightly shorter week this week but no less action packed :). Tomorrow we are off on a mini pilgrimage to our county's patron saints well. We are going to St Bridget's well in Kildare for some prayer and reflection and afterwards we will get a spot of lunch and go bowling :) Yayyyyyyy!!!!!

We are doing a really cool project in religion. It is on gender and it will view many aspects of the lives of women in different countries and continents. We will also look at careers for women, views from a man and a woman from the 1950's and also how women are portrayed in films, books and songs. I think that this will be fascinating to see and learn about and will also help us move forward in life.

Also we have been working on our teddy bear in TY design and it is coming along nicely, in a few weeks we shall hopefully be finished. Also this week we have our music night. Our class will be performing a rendition of Martin Solveig's 'Hello'. Hopefully we will do great and give our music teacher something to be proud of.

Bye People :) i'll update you on the goings on in TY soon :D

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